No Offense, Girls

I just had this conversation with my roommate, and while I deserve all the flack I’m about to receive I couldn’t help but have a laugh. Hope you do too.  ;)

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7 Responses to No Offense, Girls

  1. Anonymous says:

    When i started reading it, i already assumed your roommate was a chick!

  2. Simone Ludlow says:

    What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

  3. Mirjam says:

    Well you said the truth – he sounded like one *lol*…so not really offensive no😉

  4. theiciclepammers says:

    the only thing i found offensive was the title. girls- pshaw!

    ladies, tanc. it’s ladies….as in, “No Offense, Ladies.”

    after all, this blog isn’t aimed at 11-year old GIRLS.

    well, i hope it isn’t. so. yea. i’m just going to go do something else now.

  5. Ms. NOYB says:

    I love that you think THIS is offensive, haha. Read my blog lately? Thats offensive🙂

  6. Joshua says:

    Rings true enough here…

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