I Guess It Depends On How You Define Bad?

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7 Responses to I Guess It Depends On How You Define Bad?

  1. Yea I see your point…it isn’t meant or even reallyat all states domestic violence or abuse but my first gut knee jerk reaction , which I have learned we shouldn’t always go with, is that and that it is saying I deserve what I got. Eh … Not all bad boys are asssholes. but it’s not a reach. . Why? Personal experience. That’s it. I mulled it over for awhile and was able to see it differently probably how it is meant but this is possibly where the idiocy of political correctness comes in. Not many people get past their first impression. And then they get there knickers in a twist ahhhh yea .

  2. icicleland@aol.com says:

    Aussie Man! GRRRR! This is like saying a woman deserved to be called a slut because she was wearing a mini-skirt.


    I know you mean well (and i know what you’re trying to say), but still…some people might take this too literally and use it to justify abuse. (yes, i know you didn’t create this image. i don’t know what is worse: the people that created it thought it was humor, satire, whatever…or the fact that people are copying/pasting said image.)

    • You’ve completely taken this out of context. At no point does the statement refer to abuse in any way shape or form, and it would be fair to say that at no point in modern history has the term “bad boy” been linked to domestic or sexual abuse.

      Here’s the first definition I found:

      A Bad Boy exudes untamed masculinity, independence and confidence. To women, these traits — especially confidence — are an aphrodisiac. The problem is, in the hands of the Bad Boy, confidence becomes selfish arrogance. But women are responding to guys like this on a purely elemental, emotional level.

      • icicleland@aol.com says:

        i come from detroit, tanc. the “bad boys” from there come with a fist and usually a knife. my “bad boy” cousin anthony just spent a weekend in the hospital from such behavior.

        this is my interpretation from real life experience: they exude confidence, insofar as they are more violent and uncontrollable then their victims- and know that they can subdue them.

        it wasn’t by accident that detroit’s NBA team was nicknamed “the bad boys.”

        perhaps this is just some sort of cultural misunderstanding? i’m thinking that australian bad boys are a lot different know then the ones i know- and they don’t come with weapons.

  3. Izzy says:

    nothing to do with the topic or anything… but i’ve gotta ask you a question…. what do you think about fanfiction?? so many actors/writers hate them, so many love them… i would love your POV. Example> FInn. So many fics with him. Do you hate how writers understand/twist your character or do you feel honored that he so popular?? Etc…

    • Art is in the eye of the beholder. My job is to try and represent, embody or add color to the character the writer has created. The more active the audiences imagination is to that character the more validated I feel that I’ve done the writer justice. Amy Palladino created Finn, I just walked in his footsteps.

  4. lexiconlover says:

    abso-damn-lutely depends on how you define bad:
    I personally knew a woman who signed on for the “bad boy” thing,
    but end up chained to a radiator, eating out of a dog bowl, serving Master FTW in
    in a Waco style compound. happens way more than one might imagine~

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