All Men Are Liars…

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7 Responses to All Men Are Liars…

  1. datingbitch says:

    When you find the formula to women that reveals we are all fucked up please let me know.🙂

  2. peipie says:

    Reblogged this on peipie and commented:
    Timely post.

  3. Gayle says:

    Maybe he wouldn’t want the fat girl…… But I give him 100% for using his brain and being kind, when neither of them deserved his consideration…….. If that’s what it’s like in South Florida, glad I live elsewhere……

  4. iciclepammers says:

    I live in Coral Springs!! How ironic.

    This is normal behavior for South Florida. I’m surprised that the guy in question was “on shock”.

    He must be new to this area. Last week, I got an entire lecture because I dared to say “Hello” to one of my patients.

    It’s not the gender, Mr. Gymtleman. It’s the area- we’re all nuts down here in SoFlo.

  5. Nick Holmes says:

    The championship move in that situation is to look hard at the skinny one and say “You’re a monster.” and give the fat broad your number. You’d end up with both. Anyone who denies the truth of this is not empathizing with the appropriate character.

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